Анкета удовлетворенности потребителя компанией ООО «Протей»

Удовлетворенность компанией ООО «Протей» за текущий год

Оцените по 10 - балльной шкале степень удовлетворенности компанией «Протей» по следующим направлениям
(критерий 1 – плохо, 10 – превосходно)

Whether the quality of products supplied by us to the contract?
Are you satisfied with delivery conditions and time frame?
Are you satisfied that the availability of information about our product, which is today?
Are you satisfied with the work on the quality of claims?
Are you satisfied with the attitude of our employees when working with you?
Suits you work in shipping your products?

Where is the most convenient would be for you to receive information about our products?

What is most important to you when selecting a vendor?

That the company "Protey" can still do to increase your sales?

Would you recommend the company "Protey" as a supplier of PET packaging?